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My family moved into Scafell in 1961....


Scafell was one of many new blocks of flats built between Euston station and Regents Park in London NW1 on an estate called - unsurprisingly - Regent's Park Estate. All buildings on the estate were named after mountains, lakes or places in the Lake District.

Scafell was one of the smaller blocks with only 20 flats and was (is!) located on the corner of Stanhope street and Varndell street in London, NW1.

When we first moved there from Marchi house, further down Varndell street, we lived at number 16 at the end of the 3rd (of four) floor.

It was one of the first parts of the estate to have central heating - and it really was powered centrally, from a single boiler (located under 'Derwent') and distributed via underground pipes to the remaining blocks on the 'mini-estate'.

Other familiies in the block included:

Our neighbours, the Kesslers, a Jewish family with two girls and a boy (David);
Next to them lived Iris and Ron. At the time of this writing (2009-12-27) she still lives there.
At the other end of the balcony to us, next to the lift shaft at number 13 Lived the Pestilles, Lynn being the only child.

At number 17 lived the caretaker and his family, Mr & Mrs (Olive) King. Mr King had responsibility for all of the flats on the 'mini-estate' (referred to above) which was bounded by Stanhope street, Varndell street, Robert Street and Hamstead road and included: Derwent, Staveley, Rydal Water, the co-joined Tarns & Waterhead and finally Staveley.

At number 19 lived the Bass family - Steven was our age and his father, Charlie was a taxi driver, just as Mr Blake, who lived with his family below us at number 12. Robert & Karen were the children there.

At number 9 lived the McGills - Patrick used to be one of the local 'gang' leaders with his younger brother, Laurie.

At number 1 lived the Tobin's. Margaret was the child around our age.

...more to come as I remember it or people remind me about it!...