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TBT2K was the college group which our intake to the British Post Office, International Telegraphs Office was assigned in 1972.

On September 25th, 1972, I, along with about 16 others, attended our first day of a new apprenticeship.

This was at the training school in Featherstone street, London EC1.

Others starting on the same day include (in no particular order):

  • Frank ('Scolly') Scoltock
  • Dave ('Leapy') Lee
  • Paul Chaventre
  • Paul Sibley
  • Jim ('Biggles') Morris - left to join the RAF
  • Kevin McCarthy
  • Tim Jones
  • Tom O'Carroll
  • Grant ('Thor') Wilbur
  • Andre ('Smiler') Earle
  • ? Boggenpoll - or something like that. He only lasted a couple of days before leaving!)

We were later joined by Steve Wren and Dave Welch from one of the other intakes (there were approximately 6 different intakes, one per week starting in August with ours being the last of the year)

Many of these subsequently left the Post Office/BT and although I have managed to stay in contact with some of them like Dave Lee, Dave Welch & Scolly, and to a lesser extend Tim & Paul (Sibley), others have simply disappeared completely and it would be great to meet them again and find out what they have been up to, especially Jim Morris, Steve Wren, Grant and Kevin.


Part of the apprenticeship was to attend 'block release' college for upwards of 6 weeks at a time. Our college was just around the corner from Featherstone street at the 'City of London university' in Bunhill row, just across from Finsbury Barracks and the Whitbread brewery in Chiswell street (sadly no longer brewing)

Other training centres included Roamer House on Farringdon road and Leafield Radio station near Witney in Oxfordshire.