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Around 1968 (?), I joined the 8th St. Pancras Scout Group based in Kelly Street, Kentish Town, London, NW3.

It was on the recommendation of my 'Cousin' Alan (Slade) who had recently moved from Harmood street in Chalk Farm to Cartmel in Hampstead road (NW1) just down the road from where I lived.

He had originally joined the 8th as it was close to where he lived but now we all travelled up together (Robert Carter had also recently moved into the same area of NW1) every Friday for the meetings.
I was put into 'Eagles' patrol with Robert Carter as the patrol leader and made my way up to APL (Assistant Patrol Leader) in the same patrol before being given my own patrol, the 'Falcons'.
The other patrols were Eagles, Kestrels and Swifts.


Other people in the Group were:
Adult leaders:
'Skip' (Wally Tebby)

Keith Guppy

Keith Woods (??)
Ian Stanbury
Steve Vardy (Venture scout)

Trevor (what was his Surname??) - Patrol Leader of Kestrels
Alan Slade - APL of Kestrels
Robert Carter - PL of Eagles
David Tibbles - PL of Swifts
John Wallace
Paul Mennall

Significant events:
Camping trip to 'Great Tower' at Windermere in the Lake district (circa 1969)
Greater London Scout Cruise to Scandinavia in July 1971;


We used to go swimming at Prince of Wales public baths in Prince of Wales road before Friday night parade;

After the parade, we nearly always went to the chip shop on the corner of Castle st. & Castlehaven rd.  before going home.

After the monthly 'Church Parade', 'Skip' used to take us on little trips around in his car before dropping us at home as he lived close to us.

I remember going around the Hampstead area for the first time and seeing Bishops Avenue where the very expensive houses were (& still are but not owned by many Brits!)


If you are any of the people mentioned here or you were involved with the scout group, I'd be very pleased to to hear from you - my email address is on the 'contact me' page on the website