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Air Cadets - Air Training Corps

Around 1970, on the advice of a school friend, John Findlay, I joined the 48(F) squadron Air Cadets, based in Willoughby road, Hampstead, NW3.

I dont remember too may people from there but obviously John Findlay (Corporal but I think he was promoted to Sergeant before we left).

(Adult) Warrant Officer John Knowles

I think the CO was Mr Montgomery and I think he was a Squadron Leader.

Cadet Sergeant Spencer

Cadet Riley (lived around Kilburn High road station / Brondsbury area; Remember a group of us once went to see the Radio 1 'Emperor Rosko Show' at the BBC Paris Theatre in Lower Regent Street and got into some 'trouble' and seem to remember he had his (expensive) loafers stolen off his feet!)

Cadet Patrick Breen (Breem?) (whom I think I nearly made contact with in lthe late 90s/early 2000 but think he died before we met!)

I recently found my service record book which included my flying log.
Only flew a few times, always from RAF Manston in Kent and always in Chipmunks.

Used to enjoy doing acrobatics but didn't like being strapped into a parachute that the previous cadet had been sick all over! (& that actually happened - strange what I can remember..)