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The Global Village was a nightclub/discotheque under the railway arches of Charring Cross station in London.


It was owned by the Cinecentre group who were based in Wardour street. From memory, there were two, old, Jewish blokes who ran the venture and who would occasionally turn up looking completely out of place but always glad to see it making money (my boy, rubbing hands together!)

The complex was over 2 floors with a small mezzanine quiet bar.

The lower floor was divided into two different looking sections although there was no wall or other divider between the two.

The first part had quite a low ceiing as there was a restaurant above the bar. The second part was exposed to the roof and had a stage at one end.

The music console sat in the middle on the border of the two different sections of the downstairs area.


The upstairs was a full-on discotheque with a small-ish but adequate dance floor and a good array of lighting effects. These ranged from normal spotlights to rows of red bulbs set out as spokes of a wheel and which could be used in varied patterns.


It had a discrete but clever 'quiet' alarm system. Inevitably, there would be trouble at such a large venue so there were 'bouncers' employed. Around the complex were small groups of coloured bulbs - above each bar, on the walls, behind the disco consoles. Each section of the complex was identified by a coloured bulb. From memory, red was the upstairs disco area, white and blue were for the two downstairs area and green was for the entrance/foyer. There may have been one for the quiet bar or for the restaurant but as I never had to operate any of those, I never really know what colour they were (I seem to remember a yellow one!)


in 1973, Capital Radio became the first Commercial radio station in the UK (excluding the Isle of Man!) broadcasting music. LBC had beaten them by a week but that was a talk only station.


I first visited the place on 9th February 1974 with Jenny, manageress from the New King Lud, and a few others. I was allowed to have a go on the disco with the resident DJs, Stuart (Gensian) and Tristin (who I think was Canadian/Australian or American). Tristen was leaving so I was asked by Stuart if I would like a job!

You bet!

I don't know exactly when I started there but I do remember working there on my 18th Birthday when I was held by the hair (yes, I had long hair in those days!) and 'exposed' to the punters. I had been working there for a couple of months by then so I was working in a nightclub while still underage!