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The year of 2007

It has to be said that some of the biggest changes to my life were made in this year.

Back in April 2007, I mentioned to my 'boss' in BT, Dave, that I wasn't really happy with the work we were doing nor the direction our group was going and to warn him that I'd be very likely to take the next release scheme that might be offered. He was very understanding & supportive and we left it like that.

Slightly earlier in the year, I had approached a few estate agents to see what the marketing possibility of my flat was like. This followed having 'decorators' tidy up the hall way just before Christmas 2006 and then a massive clear-out by the Penney-Keeps of Chelmsford in February.
Initial indications suggested a favourable sale although I didn't agree with the valuation being put on the place so I set my own price.

On my birthday, I made the decision to tell one of the estate agent's to start proceedings and find a buyer.
One week later, I had two buyers.
One week after that, I accepted an offer from one of the bidders

In the meantime, I was now 'doing battle' with the HR (Human Remains) department of BT in an attempt to continue working for the company but to live in the Isle of Man.
With the sale of the flat, the other options were to find somewhere else in the UK to buy/rent or to move in with friends (although how long they would remain friends after moving in would have to be seen!)

At the same time, because of work that had been carried out in the flat, I now needed retrospective planning permission which delayed the sale (& cost me another £1000) so we had to jump through hoops to get that sorted

On the 7th June, while on holiday at the TT, Dave (my boss) called to tell me a new release scheme had been announced by BT & I should take a look at it.
I did, I discussed it with Dave then, on the 13th June, I signed up to leave BT after nearly 35 years service and elected my last day to be 31st August 2007
However, because I had quite a bit of holiday to take, I actually finished work on 11th July.

After that, I spent time in the Island for the Manx Grand Prix then went back to London before going to Norway & Svalbard for a week.
During this time, the flat sale was continuing at a slow pace..

Finally, at the end of November, things moved up a notch & the flat was finally sold. I had to leave by the 19th December so made arrangements to hire a van & organise a ferry.

'End of an Era' some may say. Finally left London @ 15:15 on the 19th December....