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Introduction to the Isle of Man

People often ask me why I'm so interested in the Isle of Man so here is my own recollection of how it all started.
All of the early part is from memory with diaries becoming more used as the TT-period started (and continued!..)

After many years visiting the Isle of Man to watch both the TT and MGP races as well as at other times and having almost exhausted Lynette & Mark's hospitality, a place to call my own was sought.

After many false starts which prompted some people to question my commitment, I eventually found a place I liked in Onchan - just outside Douglas.

While it is extremely close to Douglas and has full use of the facilities offered, it does have its own village and commissioners - who set rates lower than those of Douglas. For a lecture on this, including possible ways to keep Onchan-ites out, ask any Douglas resident! (ha ha)