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ILTMS Reunion 2007

Yesterday saw the regular reunion of people that worked in BT's ILTMS service.

As usual, it was held at the Masque Haunt in Old street and saw many of the old team get together to talk about what everyone is doing at the moment as well as reflecting on how things have changed in BT and 'the good old days'.


Organised as always by Roy Foord, there were plenty of people there to keep everyone occuipied all afternoon & into the evening.

Just some of the people I spoke to were (in no particular order):

Tom Day, Jim Moffatt, Roy Foord, Dennis Gardner, Tom Goddard, Gary Taylor, Dave Smith....

Sadly, there were some people not there as they are 'no longer with us' but have gone to the 'great golf-club in the sky' where no doubt the weather is always perfect and the tee-off times decent & not at the break of dawn!
R.I.P John & Bernie.