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ILTMS reunion 2011

The 2011 reunion of ILTMS/Primex took place at the usual venue, the Masque Haunt in Old street, London on the 15th November.

Sadly some faces were missing and the pub didn't seem to be very well stocked with beer when we arrived being offered one of only two beers: Fullers ESB (5.5%) or a Christmas ale from Adnams at 4%.

On the good side, a couple of new faces were seen: Chas Smith, John Gobel and Gary Rutledge.


Those in attendance were:


Arthur Whittle, Bob Freese, Bob Heath, Chas Smith, Colin Thornton, Dave Smith, Dave Thorpe, Frances Pennell-Buck, Francis Scoltock, Gary Rutledge, Gary Taylor, Graeme Porter, John Gobel, John Raper, Keith Brandham, Kingsley Abakoon, Martin Bottwood, Martin Cooper, Martin Tett,  Mike Crouch, Mike Pharoah, Peter Hooton, Peter Leach, Phil Everett, Phil Gerry, Phil Little, Ray Sawyer, Richard Martin, Robert Crane, Rodd Judd, Roy Foord, Sean Clowry, Steve Hill, Terry Keslake, Tom Bassett, Tom Day, Tom Goddard, Tony Manning, Tony Seward, Vince Dooley,