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As well as information about myself on this site, I want to include my family too.

This section does just that.


I have divided the information into the people that make up the family, the events held or attended by the family and pictures of everybody.


I have also created a family-tree.


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Current Stuff

Here's the place to find the things currently happening - of course, by the time these are read they may no longer be current but they don't fit under any other sort of description.

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Other People

Friends - past & present

This page lists, in no particular order, people that I have known during my lifetime and that have influenced or affected me in some way or other..
Sadly, some of them are no longer with us and others have split-up and gone their separate ways, sometimes keeping in touch, sometimes not but they are still in my mind.

If you are in the list, I would really like to hear from you. Please use the 'contact me' link on this site.

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Welcome to Robert's personal site.

Home is approximately 430ft ASL at : 54°10.884'N, 4°27.772'W or, more simply, Onchan, Isle of Man!

I've had a website now since 1996 in various guises and at varying levels of completeness and here's the latest offering!



Information about me, my family, my work, my friends, my experiences and my travels or 'jaunts' over the years can all be found here if you want it!



I've deliberately included full names of people I refer to throughout the site in the hope that those I have lost touch with will find the site via a search engine (everyone 'googles' their own name every so often!) and get in contact.