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BBC blagging

Living in central London, only a stone's throw from the heart of BBC radio broadcasting, gave me the chance to blag my way into a number of shows..

This was back in 1973 and people I met during that time include: Johnny Beerling, then an Executive produicer but soon to become head of Radio One, Jeff Griffin, Chris Lycett - a session producer but destined to become deputy head of Radio one.

I went to see behind the scenes, Alan Freeman, Rosko, Solid Gold Sixty, the Sunday afternoon chart show introduced by Tom Browne and produced by ?, Stuart Henry.

It was a bit more relaxed in those days and I used to find my own way from the famous huge front doors of Broadcasting House, through the corridors to the Main Engineering control centre and on towards the 'Continuity suites' used by Radio's One & Two.