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The Hemel Crowd

My first contact with Hemel Hempstead was through Dave Lee, who started at the GPO on the same day that I did in 1972 and lived there.


This was a group of blokes I met while I was DJ at the Global Village in London.

They set up their own mobile disco around the Hemel Hempstead and Berkhampsted area to which I used to go along on Fridays sometimes. One time, my car was attacked because of the pictures of the Bay City Rollers on the back seat which we were planning to give away as prizes!

They included:
Chris Bateman (lived in Berkhampsted) (see separate article)
Paul Fleckney (worked for Nat. West Bank in London)
Chris Brown - made contact in 2013 when he & Sue moved back to Hemel..
Graham Walters;
Steve Regan;
Graham Prestedge - worked for tyre company, first in Watford then in Gt Portand st. and Marylebone high st. in central London
Micky Framp also used to run a mobile disco and, at the time worked in a carpet shop in Apsley.