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Les & Pat Middlewood

Pat was bar manager of 'Bar 10' at the Alexandra Palace beer festival in 1979 which was held in huge marquees after the palace itself had been set alight by a careless workman's discarded cigarette.
I was one of the (two) assistant barmen at the time and remember such things as being interviewed by a TV crew (& later turning up on TV in Hong Kong where a friend of mine in the Royal Navy had seen me) and introducing a new beer called 'Woggles, Boy Scout Bitter'. This wasn't officially listed but we needed to get rid of some awful beer which wasn't selling. All highly illegal now but a bit of fun back then (remember when we could all have fun without the Health & Safety nazis or the PC crowd??)


The last I heard - and indeed saw - was that they lived in Hertford, right by the canal but I haven't seen either of them for many years now although I have seen Les's name appear on some CamRA (Campaign for Real Ale) articles.