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John Findlay

John was one of my 'best mates' at Haverstock School.

He lived in Hampstead in New End somewhere but I never visited his family home.
He was also instrumental in getting me to join the Air Cadets - 48F Squadron (Hampstead). There, he was a corporal (& I think he might have been promoted to Sergeant before we left) which made for a strange kind of relationship. 'John' when we were at school but 'Corporal/Sergeant Findlay' on Thursday evenings (at least when Warrant Officer Knowles was around!)
John was strange and secretive in some ways. I never visited his home or met his family but he would often visit me on a Sunday and Mum would always offer him dinner - which he always refused but she put it out anyway and he ate it!
When he left school, it was rumoured that he had left England and gone to work in Launceston in Tasmania although this could have been another example of his secretive character and could still be in the UK somewhere...
I would really like to know where he is now & what he is doing.