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Philip Cranfield

I met Phil Cranfield while on a Greater London scout cruise to Scandinavia in July 1971 (24th August to 2nd August)

He was a last-minute substitution for his brother, Peter, who had originally been booked on the trip but couldn't make it.
We became very good friends and used to go out visiting pubs all over the place.
He was, in 1978, the first person I ever went to the Isle of Man with!
He worked for BT and in the 80's, while I was on shift work in London, I used to occasionally travel around with him in the BT van.
His father worked for the water board & lived in a 'company house'. Initially he was at Platts lane reservoir near Hampstead but then moved to Hillview Gardens, Cheshunt in Hertfordshire.

We used to go there often and visited the Old Anchor equally as often!
He had two brothers, Pete Cranfield and Derek Cranfield

I'd like to know what he's up to now and where he is living.