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Bill & Bess Jones

Bill & Bess lived in a top floor flat in Tavistock Place.

They were introduced to me around 1969-1970 by a friend from school called Gwyn Parfitt who had helped me with my interest in Amateur & Broadcast Radio when I wanted to learn more about the subject.
They were both from Wales with pretty strong Welsh accents and smoked like chimneys but were lovely people.

Bill helped me design & build my first audio amplifier from bits, including creating the chassis out of a duckhams oil drum! A simple push-pull design using EL84's as the power valves (yes, Valves!)
He also lent me a lot of books to read about electronics etc. and introduced me to the world of Amateur radio (although I never bothered to actually get a call sign). I wish I could remember his. He had the Morse test so was a "G3..."

I used to feel sorry for them as Bill was housebound and used an inhaler and Bess had to carry shopping (& everything else!) up about 6 flights of stairs to their top floor, one-bedroomed flat.
The living room was full of "Ham" radio equipment which, sadly I can't remember the makes of everything. One thing I do remember was the vast aerial array on the roof with a motor to turn it in the direction Bill wished to listen/talk on.

The last entry in my diary was in February 1974 when Bess phoned me to tell me that Bill had died. After that, I visited her a few times and had brief contact with her daughter who, I believe, lived somewhere like Jersey in the Channel Islands and came back to visit her but after that, I'm sad to say I lost contact with her and have no idea where she spent the remaining years of her life.
So sad...