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Dave Provis

Dave was my form Tutor and Spanish teacher at Haverstock School in London.

He was the first teacher I knew that allowed his pupils to call him by his first name and, rather than becoming anarchic, it made me much more aware of using the right term at the right time. He was still 'Sir' in front of other teachers or when he was telling us off (not that I can remember him doing that often!).


He introduced me to folk music, in particular Fairport Convention and their song 'Crazy Man Michael' which he used to play and sing himself. His (our!) classroom even had Mott the Hoople posters on the wall!


He also influenced my decision, around the age of 13 or 14, to stop eating meat and become a vegetarian. I still remember Mum saying something like "shut up and sit down. You'll eat what you're given" when I announced it at home! To be fair, she accepted it very well and I used to just have whatever everyone else was having but without the meat. I never liked most meat anyway and couldn't - and still can't - stand fish so it wasn't as if I was missing out on much.


I missed a class reunion sometime a few years ago when I believe Dave turned up. I have tried to find out how to contact hom through the school but they don't have records going back that far.

I'd love to make contact with him again.

If you're reading this, Dave, get in touch!